About The Show

The annual Flower and Craft Show is held in August each year.

The aim of the Show is “to promote interest in and enjoyment in the growing of plants and vegetables for pleasure and food and enhance the local community’s horticultural know-how“.  

Skills in flower arranging, baking, handicrafts and other crafting and leisure activities are also on display at the Show.

Whilst there is a degree of competition, this is an amateur Show and the Society encourages entries from all.  Many first-time exhibitors find that their exhibits are really very good and not out of place in the Show and really can win; we welcome entries into all areas of the schedule or to the specific novice section.

Gardening brings pleasure but also has a social, economic and environmental value.  The Society is committed to strengthening the community by encouraging the younger generation to become involved with horticulture, sustainability, and the environment.

New for 2024

Listed below are the various sections available for entry at the Show with any specific dates you need to note (i.e. closing date or judging dates).  Full schedules are available for download via this link or can be posted to you as a hard copy if you contact the Secretary (please note however, we are trying to keep our costs to a minimum whilst helping the environment – only print what you need).   

To enter exhibits, please find the Show Entry Form via this link and note the classes you wish to enter in the boxes on the form.  You may not enter more than one exhibit per class.

Please post your entry form along with the relevant remittance to the Secretary in advance of the closing dates – or bring it along to the venue with your exhibits on staging day.  

Show Categories

Novice Section: we know entering classes for the first time can be a little daunting.  We want as many people as possible, both young and old, to get involved in this year’s show and therefore, we have hand-picked some classes for exhibitors who have not competed in more than three flower shows.  You are more than welcome to participate in any of the other ‘open’ classes in the schedule and we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Exhibits from the Novice section.

Garden Competitions: do you enjoy spending time out in your garden?  Flowers and vegetables are at the heart of the Cupar Flower Show but supporting wildlife and the environment is also key to our remit. We have a number of classes that are solely for those gardens in Cupar, and others are open to those who are in a 10-mile radius of Cupar. Competition is open to all gardeners whether owner/occupier or tenant.  Gardens must be tended solely by entrant and/or members of the household but outside help digging in is permitted. Vegetable gardens must contain at least 5 different types of vegetables and will be judged on quality and uniformity.

A glorious garden judged in last year’s competition.

Closing date for entries: Friday 19th July 2024

Judging date: Saturday 27th July 2024

Cut Flowers: one of the most vibrant areas of the Show, the cut flowers section has something for almost any keen flower gardener:

  • Sweet Peas including the East of Scotland Four Vase Championship
  • Gladioli including a novice class for one spike
  • The best Dahlias will be awarded the National Dahlia Society medals
  • Begonias are an amazing sight when displayed on boards
  • Herbaceous, Perennials, Annuals & others covers most of your typical flower or border plants such as marigolds, roses, asters and carnations.
Unmistakable – Dame Edna would be proud!

Vases for cut flowers are supplied by the Society; you just need to bring biodegradable floral foam or paper to help support your blooms!

Pot Plants: most people have a pot plant or two in the house, so why not have a look through the class list to see if you have anything suitable.  Classes include cacti and succulents, hanging baskets and patio ornaments.  All we ask is that, as far as possible, your pots have drip trays.

Pot plants galore …

Fruit and Herbs: all fruits should be grown by the exhibitor and should be ripe and fit for the table. Soft fruits should be placed on paper plates.

Apples and pairs and whatever you choose!

Vegetables: have your own vegetable patch? Why not gather up your produce and display it in a basket for everyone to admire your work! Or if you fancy giving ‘exhibition’ style vegetables a go, then why not try for the heaviest onion, marrow or the longest carrot!

Checking over the vegetables’ display …

Industrial including baking, preserves: get those aprons on and dust off the weigh scales.  There’s plenty time to perfect those recipes before the Show in August! Exhibits brought in air-tight containers will be placed on paper plates by our stewards before judging commences to keep your produce fresh.  Preserves are required to have cellophane coverings and not ‘firm’ jar lids.

Ready? Steady? BAKE!

Staging for BAKING ONLY:
Friday 18th August 12noon – 10pm or Saturday 19th August between 7-7.30am

Handicrafts including needlework & other crafts: looking for something to keep you occupied during the winter months, then take a look at the schedule as we give details of the handicrafts required for this year and next! The needlework section includes sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery with all other crafting techniques being found in the miscellaneous section.

Staging: Friday 18th August 12noon – 10pm

Wine: whether a beginner or a seasoned brewer, winemaking can easily be done and perfected from home, where you can enjoy the fruits of your labour as your homebrew matures. Kits are available online if you are starting out but note, bottles must be clear shouldered with flanged type corks with white tops (plastic corks are not allowed).  Ullage (gap from liquid to top of bottle) should be between 6mm to 19mm.

If proof were needed!

Floral Art: with the power of flowers, you don’t have to belong to a floral art club or group to take part, we cater for all, including beginners to flower arranging. Exhibits can be brought complete or made on site but must be the individual competitor’s own work. Exhibits should compose of fresh or dried, natural plant material, with or without accessories, unless otherwise stated; and the flowers don’t need to be expensive ones found at the florists.

Artistry on display!

Closing date for entries: Friday 9th August 2024

Children: Cupar Flower Show has been going for well over 100 years now, and in order to secure its future we need the younger generation to take pro-active steps in favour of horticulture, sustainability and the environment.  Gardening is known to have therapeutic benefits on mental health and well-being and is an inexpensive way for children to learn and have fun at home, school or on the allotment. Cupar Flower Show has age-appropriate classes for children, involving flowers and/or vegetables, baking and crafting. The ‘open to all’ section also hosts the traditional ‘Miniature Tray Garden’ and every age group has a themed Lego/Duplo model.

Schools Competition: research suggests children perform better at school if they’re involved with gardening and many will develop a greater interest in healthy eating if they get to grow their own veg. Schools Gardening Competition is open to all educational and youth eco-groups in Cupar and the surrounding area, and takes the form of a flower garden, vegetable/fruit garden or a combination of both, and if your school is tight on space, all you need is 1m2 for the pallet competition! Advice on design and planting can be given by horticultural students from SRUC Elmwood, and the College may be able to provide donations of plants.  In return, SRUC students will be credited with assisting the local community in helping create a sustainable environment.

Closing date for entries:
Friday 10th June 2024

Judging date:
Week commencing 17th June 2024

Scottish Women’s Institutes Competition: celebrating traditional Scottish heritage with likeminded women, the SWI offers everything from knitting, baking and crafting techniques to embracing new adventures with wild swims and gin tasting too! Cupar Flower Show invites SWI groups from all areas to participate in our annual competition.  There are usually 6 elements to the class each year.  Details of the exhibits required for the current year and next year can be found here {link to SWI crib sheet and/or schedule}. For more information on the SWI visit – WELCOME TO THE SWI

Closing date for entries: Friday 9th August 2024

Staging: Friday 18th August 12noon – 10pm or Saturday 19th August between 7-7.30am

Photography: photography doesn’t mean you need to have all the fancy equipment and big lenses.  Get out and about, focus on your garden and the surrounding area, and snap some shots with your mobile phone!

Bonsai: the Japanese art of growing and shaping miniature trees and shrubs through container restriction – thus translating its bonsai name as ‘tray cultivation’. This is a fun and beautiful way of cultivating plants on a miniature scale. Fife Bonsai Society puts on a wonderful of display of trees in the lower hall during the Cupar Flower Show and also offers free demonstrations throughout the day. There’s a class that is decided by public vote so do pop in to take a look! Entries are open to anyone with a tree; you don’t have to be a member of any Bonsai clubs or societies.  Point to note though, trees must be shown in a stone or ceramic container with the exception of the group planting class, so no plastic containers are permitted.

Sponsors & Supporters

We are indebted to the generosity of our supporters and would like to encourage our visitors to use them wherever possible. 

You can see a full list of those who enable our Show to take place via this link.

Please mention you saw them at Cupar Flower Show.

If you are interested in supporting the Cupar Flower Show, please contact Alison Cumming on EMAIL ADDRESS TO BE ADDED

The images used in this section are from 2023 ‘s show.